Why Are Rabbits Good Pets

Why Are Rabbits Good Pets

If you are looking for a small pet who is cute, fluffy and will give you hours of joy, then the rabbit might be the right pet for you. Rabbits are even more popular as pets now than ever before. These reasons can be explained by many different factors that make rabbits an exceptional animal to keep as a pet.

In this article, we will go over some reasons as to why you should keep a pet rabbit rather than any other type of small pet.

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What Makes Rabbits Great Pets?

The following reasons will give you a better insight as to why you should keep a pet rabbit rather than any other type of small pet

Rabbits Are Not Noisy

Unlike other pets, such as birds and gerbils, rabbits will not make any loud annoying noises. This is especially good for those who live in an apartment or small house where they don't want to disturb the neighbors with noise.

Rabbits will only vocalize when it comes time to eat, mate or under pain distress. There are some breeds that can be more vocal then others but generally, rabbits do not sound off very often throughout the day.

They Do Not Need Much Space

Since rabbits are small animals, they require little room within their living environment. They do well in cages that are spacious with a lot of room to move around. Usually in pet stores, you can look for rabbit cages that give them the most amount of room that they can have.

These types of cages will usually be at least 2 square feet in size if not larger. For an average adult size bunny, this would probably be the smallest enclosure they could live in comfortably, but there are some cases where bunnies are too big or active for this type of living environment so it is best to research what the specific breed requires before taking them home.

Rabbits Are Easy To Train

Rabbits are easy to train since they have a similar psyche to dogs. They enjoy being trained and will learn quickly how to do certain things just like a dog does. For example, they are fast to learn how to use a litter box or come when you call their name.

You can also teach them tricks like how to sit for a treat or even play fetch with toys that they can chase around the room.

Rabbits Are Fun to Cuddle

Who doesn't enjoy cuddling with something fluffy and soft? Rabbits make great pets for kids because of this reason alone, but it is also good for adults too. They love being touched so if you want to snuggle on the couch with your pet rabbit then go ahead and do so!

Just keep in mind that most rabbits will not take kindly if you try picking them up out of the blue without warning. Unlike cats and dogs, most rabbits do not like being held for a long period and many will struggle to get out of your arms if you try too hard. Sometimes they will sit on your lap or let you touch them, but it is overall better to let the rabbit come up to you first rather than going after it.

Rabbits Are Great With Kids

Another reason as to why rabbits make a good pet is that they are very kid friendly. Since they have a similar psyche as dogs, they can easily adjust to having a child around which makes them even more special.

If you have children in the family then it would be good if you got them a sibling since one rabbit usually does not have much company besides themselves all day. This results in boredom for the pet and it might make them territorial since they want to claim everything as their own.

On the flip side, rabbits are one of the only mammals that you can let a child handle without worrying about them being bitten or scratched. It is safe even for children at a young age to hold and love on a pet rabbit if they have been taught how to properly take care of one.

They Are Clean and Well Groomed

Rabbits keep themselves clean and groomed so you don't have to. They clean their faces and paws with their tongues which is very cute.

They can be litter trained quickly and easily so they can even be kept indoors if you wish. The easiest way to litter train your rabbit is by not allowing them out of the cage until they start doing their business in the designated area. After that, it should only take about a week until your bunny will know where she or he needs to go every time they need to use the bathroom.

They Are Docile Creatures

Rabbits are generally very docile and don't mind being handled by humans. They will not scratch or bite you unless they are in danger so they can be held easily. The great thing about rabbits is that their bones are actually quite delicate, so there is little chance of them hurting you without meaning to.

They Are Less Demanding

Rabbits do not require a lot of time investment from the owner because they are happy with low amounts of attention compared to other pets. You can leave them alone while you go to work every day and come home to find that your bunny has been behaving himself or herself just fine.

They can make up their own games and entertain themselves for hours if no one is around to play with them, so they are ideal for people who cannot give their pets as much attention.

Additionally, they are inexpensive to feed because all they eat is hay, which doesn't have a high price tag or require complicated preparation.

In fact, if you tire of having a pet rabbit, you can re-home them easily because their personalities make them a great fit for anyone who is looking for a new pet.

Ideal Rabbit Breeds for a Family

With all these reasons considered here are some breeds that would be good for a family, especially if there are kids:

1. Dwarf Rabbits

If you have children then dwarf rabbits would be perfect for your family! They have very manageable personalities, which makes them easy to tame and train.

They live longer compared to other small pets so they will most likely stay with you until they are old enough to pass away from age.

Dwarf rabbits also have a calm temperament so they are not too skittish and will stay close to their owners if they feel safe.

2. Holland Lop Rabbits

If you have a family that has kids who love playing outside then this would be a good breed of pet for them. Holland lops are very energetic. Since they were bred to be the same size as guinea pigs, they can easily run around in an enclosed space without having much room to move around in.

They require a moderate amount of grooming since their fur can get tangled easily but overall it is not too difficult to maintain this kind of rabbit compared to other breeds that live indoors.

3. Mini Lop Rabbits

Mini lops are great if you want a rabbit that enjoys relaxing and enjoying its surroundings. They can be playful at times, but they prefer to sit still since they tire easily.

If the children in your family love taking walks, then this would be a pet that can adapt to their active lifestyle by hopping along with them as they walk around the neighborhood or park.

Just make sure there is shade and ample water for it to drink whenever it decides to do so and keep an eye on the kid's leash for extra safety measures!

4. Dutch Rabbit

If you have older kids who like taking care of animals, then getting them a Dutch rabbit as a pet would definitely let them learn more about what it takes to properly take care of a rabbit.

They like to eat and hide so you can make it part of your kid’s daily routine and chores for them to feed and water the Dutch rabbit.

Not only that but you can train them how to touch, pet, and hold the Dutch rabbit as well so they do not scare or hurt their new furry friend!

House Rabbits vs. Outdoor Rabbits

People who have backyards are able to keep rabbits as pets since they will be staying outside for most of the day so long as there is shade and plenty of food for them to eat.

However, rabbits kept inside the home do not need any sort of protection since they are comfortable being indoors with its owner. Just make sure their area has good ventilation so you do not have to worry about ammonia accumulating in the living room or bedroom where it stays at all times!

If you know how to properly care for a rabbit and would like one as a pet in your home then it is important to choose the right breed that will fit your family's lifestyle since all rabbits need companionship, plenty of fresh veggies, and water, and room to hop around.

Caring For a Rabbit

We have already established that rabbits are great first pets for a family. However, once you acquire your first rabbit it is important to consider the kind of care they need.

Even though rabbits are easy pets to keep there is still an overall amount of effort that goes into keeping up with them every day. Apart from providing them with all the necessities such as food, water, shelter, and companionship, you should clean out their cages every other day since they produce a lot of urine that can accumulate to a bad odor if their cage is not cleaned out enough.

Rabbits are nocturnal animals, which means that they are most active at night. They sleep during the daytime hours and only come out when humans are not around because their environment is safe. This habit makes them ideal for busy families who may not have as much time to spend with their pets compared to single or childless households.

Since rabbits cannot be let out of the cage without supervision, you will need to invest some extra money in things like ramps so your bunny can move throughout his or her area easily. You will also need to buy things like toys and ladders because rabbits do get bored if they don't have anything to entertain themselves with.

Best Care Practices for Your Newly Acquired Rabbit

  • You need to provide your pet with a large cage that is big enough for him or her to move around and engage in natural behaviors like hopping and digging. The recommended size of the cage is 180 square inches per each pound that your rabbit weighs, so if you buy an adult animal who weighs 5 pounds it would be ideal for him or her to live in a 9 x 18 inch cage.
  • Keep your pet away from other pets that have not been spayed or neutered because his or her scent may attract them into coming over and trouble.
  • Rabbits need to eat hay every day and water at least three times per day. They cannot be fed vegetables because it will cause serious health problems, such as gastrointestinal stasis, which may lead to the death of your pet.
  • Your rabbit needs to be spayed or neutered if you want him or her to live happily with other bunnies in the future. This way, mating will not occur if their environments are kept separate from one another. Spaying and neutering your rabbit is also important for their overall well being because it reduces unpleasant reproductive odor along with preventing some types of cancer that can affect them later on in life.

What Food Will the Rabbit Eat?

Rabbits are herbivores so they only eat things derived from plants. You can start out feeding your pet with timothy hay, which you can buy at your local feed store or even online for a low price.

You should give the hay to your rabbit as soon as you get home because that is when he or she will be most hungry after their long trip. When switching over to new food sources it is ideal to mix it in slowly with what they were eating before to prevent an upset stomach.

Over time, you will need to phase out the old kind of diet and make the switch completely to timothy hay for rabbits or alfalfa if you have a younger version of this type of animal.

Rabbit Grooming

Grooming is also important for your pet because it can help you identify if they are feeling unwell or hurt somewhere.

One of the best ways to groom your rabbit is by brushing his or her fur softly, starting with the head and then moving to the rear end. You should do this daily so that they get used to the sensation and it becomes less stressful for both of you.

If you feel like your bunny's teeth need to be trimmed, some simple techniques can help file them down. However, only attempt this if your veterinarian tells you how so that you don't harm your pet in any way.

Rabbit Play

Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning that they are most active during dusk and dawn.

You can try placing some toys inside your pet's cage so that he or she has something to play with while you are busy doing things around the house. There are also exercise pens available for purchase so your animal can run around in a contained environment while still being safe.

Rabbits are social creatures so it is recommended for them to have at least one friend from the same species when possible.

Rabbit Behavior

As long as you've done enough research before bringing home your new pet then the two of you should be able to get along just fine.

If you want to let your rabbit outside for a little while then always, bring him or her back inside by sundown because there are many wild animals that could attack them after dark.

Note that when rabbits become scared, they often make loud noises until their fear dissipates. If you are in the other room and this occurs then take a moment to investigate what might be causing them to feel that way. Once you see that there is nothing wrong, then try to figure out why they were scared in the first place so it does not happen again in the near future.

Facts about Rabbits to Know Before You Buy One

  • A single bunny will get along fine with another rabbit if it is introduced properly, but this should never happen unless you want both animals to breed.
  • Rabbits need to eat hay daily so they will not develop health problems such as intestinal blockages or impaction.
  • Female rabbits can get pregnant very soon after coming into heat and can become pregnant again immediately after giving birth. Males will often attack the mother during mating season and, if she has recently given birth, could injure her babies by accident or on purpose.
  • Male rabbits spray when they are territorial, meaning that you must be extra vigilant if you own a male and female together.
  • Not all rabbits like to be held, so it is best that you find out whether yours does or not before he or she gets too big for you to carry around easily.


Many traits make rabbits good pets in comparison to other types of animals. They don't need as much attention from the owner, they are intelligent and easygoing, and they are inexpensive to keep around. These reasons explain why rabbits have become even more popular as pets than ever before, which should encourage you to take one into your home if the opportunity arises.