Most Popular Small Dog Breeds

When it comes to the availability of pets you want to adopt, choosing a popular breed is an advantage. Popular dogs are common in pet stores...

Most Popular Small Dog Breeds

When it comes to the availability of pets you want to adopt, choosing a popular breed is an advantage. Popular dogs are common in pet stores and relevant information needed to properly care for them is bursting on the internet. Surely, they are popular for a reason and it is curious to know these factors that make them favored over the other breed before deciding what type of pet to adopt.In recent years, small dogs are on the rise. This is mainly because of their size that makes them suitable not only to families with big spaces but also for those living in the city longing for a furry friend to come home to.Check out the most popular small dogs breed in no particular order:

BeagleBeagles are considered as one of the potential wonderful dogs because of their conveniently small size and easy grooming. They are a good-natured dog that doesn’t usually get involved with dog fights. Their cheerful personality makes them good with children. They are especially known for being active curious dogs that love exercise and outdoor activities.Beagles are originally bred as hunting hounds and need much more exercise compared to other dogs. Even their special human needs a lot of energy to be able to keep up with a beagle. They need to be on lease all the time because of their nature to roam and explore. Their nose controls their brains and once they are set into a hunting game, it will be tremendously hard to get their attention.Beagles are social animals. They tend to bark and howl a lot not when they're guarding your house but when left alone. Once they get bored, they find ways to amuse themselves by digging and trying to escape. Letting them roam around freely in a fenced yard is a much better environment compared to keeping them inside your home.

Yorkshire TerrierBecause of its devotion to its owner, elegant look and ability to adapt in a small living apartment, Yorkies are known as the most popular toy dog breed in the US.Yorkshire terriers do well at everything from dog sports, therapy work, travel companion but most especially as family dogs. They adapt easily to just about any type of environment. They are attention-seekers and love interaction with humans. Because of their small nature, it is much easier to travel with Yorkies compared to larger dogs.Yorkies do not have undercoat which makes them hypoallergenic for dog lovers with allergies. They have long, flowing, silky coats that are very much similar to human hair. This beautiful feature gets tangled into knots if not brush every day. To lessen the time consumed in maintaining the appearance of your pet, dog breeders recommend keeping their dog in a “puppy cut” which is short and easy to maintain.

Miniature PoodleMiniature poodle is one of the smartest and most trainable dog breeds in the world. They are miniature athletes that thrives in advance obedience, agility competition and jumping skills. They also make good watchdog and will bark when they hear someone at the door.Miniature poodles are bred as working dogs therefore they need to do something that will occupy their body and mind. Because of their intelligence and playful nature, obedience training is essential to keep your Poodle's mind active. While they do interact with humans a lot, these dogs may not be so great with other dogs. They think highly of themselves and usually are not afraid of larger dogs. To avoid neurotic behavior with other dogs, make sure to introduce them while growing up with other canines from time to time.The Miniature Poodle’s coat is one of its most definable characteristics. They have a short curly coat that comes in a variety of colors. Their curly coats are often clipped in distinctive patterns. These clips usually serve not only as a fashion statement for dogs but also help owners maintain their dogs' coats untangled longer.

Toy PoodleA toy poodle is a small version of a miniature poodle with almost the same characteristics and temperament. They are an intelligent, active and social breed that often stereotyped as doggy divas. But the truth is, when raised correctly they can be your four-legged best friend who thinks all your ideas are excellent and would love to join in without fuss.The only difference between a miniature poodle and a toy poodle is their height. Poodles vary in sizes and toy poodle is the smallest type of poodle with only 10 inches or shorter height.

Miniature Longhaired DachshundMiniature Longhaired Dachshund is much popular compared to other types of dachshunds because of their elegant flowing coat that bound to catch the eye of many admirers. They have some of the biggest characters in the dog world and are devoted and loyal to their owner. These dogs are well suited for everyone provided te got to play and exercise.While these dogs are small, they are not just lapdogs. They require a moderate amount of exercise and interaction to be happy. Miniature long-haired dachshund is an independent and intelligent breed. Most of the time, they are too smart not to do obey their caretaker. To train a dachshund you’ll need lots of devoted patience and consistency.This type of dog is bred to be good hunting dogs. While they are mostly kept pets nowadays, they still have the urge to hunt. Once they get to engage in hunting activity, they don’t usually back down or give up. Aside from that, they are also known to be very territorial that they won’t stop barking until they believe that the threat is gone.

Miniature Smooth DachshundSmooth Dachshunds are superstars of the canine world because of their iconic low, long and short body. Their coats are shiny and short making them the most popular type of dachshund in the United States. They have a lively disposition and undeniably big-self confidence that you won’t be able to help but smile when watching them proudly walk with their unique body and comical expression.Smooth Dachshunds are a delightful addition to any family. While they can be difficult to train, dachshunds are loyal companions and a good watchdog. They are full of energy that requires a lot of games in the park and hunt games. However, activities that require jumping should be avoided as dachshunds are prone to slip disk.

Shih TzuShih Tzus have soft plumed coats and happy wagging tails that no one can resists. They are lively and sturdy toy dogs that makes them gorgeous companions. They may be tiny in size, but they come with big personalities.Don’t let their size and good looks fool you. Shih Tzu is not just lap warmers and showdogs. They are always up doing just anything. If you noticed them chasing their tails, that means they are already due for a walk. They are also social dogs that get along well with strangers and other dogs. Unlike other lapdogs, Shih Tzu might have an aristocratic demeanor and stubborn streak but you’ll find them more obedient and trainable. They are great pets for senior citizens looking for companion.The only downside of Shih Tzu is that they are not hypoallergenic and have a double coat. They require regular grooming and a lot of combing. If you want to keep the combing session minimal, you can keep their coat short.

Miniature SchnauzerIf you are in for a surprise, you’ll gotta love a miniature schnauzer. These dogs while having the same breed vary so much in personality. One thing that is common with these dogs is that they are social and loves being a part of a family. They make great family pets especially if they have someone at home always available to play with then.Miniature Schnauzer is like a human inside of a dog. They can be goofy, serious, extrovert or introvert. They are adaptable in any living arrangement and their environment makes a huge impact on their personality. Their caretaker's opinion is a big deal for these fluffy pets as they constantly want to please their special human.

Long-coat ChihuahuaThese dogs may be the smallest breed of dog but they’ve taken the world in their stride. Despite their appearance, they have a big heart for their special human and fiercely protective of them. They are also great indoor pets that are suitable for city living.Long-coat chihuahua has their favorite when it comes to their fellow canine. They only prefer to play and get along with other Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas have a big burst of energy to play and exercise. However, they have short temper and do not do well in rough plays so make sure to supervise their interactions with their special human.Surprisingly. Long coat chihuahuas are not demanding with their grooming need. They only need a good brushing and combing once a week.

Short coat chihuahuaShort coat chihuahuas are ideal lovable long term pals. They were popularized by television cartooning and advertising. They are expressive loyal little dogs. With their quirky and eccentric personality, they are often favored compared to other lapdogs.Chihuahuas crave attention and companionship. Their sassy attitude requires good training and proper socialization not only to humans but also with other dogs. They are very suspicious of strangers and can be aggressive to protect their owners.While they are the world’s smallest dog, they are also the world’s cockiest dog. They are a one-man pet and do not do well as a family pet especially with kids.

PomeranianPomeranians are easily recognized dogs because of their fox-like appearance. Their cute facial expressions prick ears and luxuriant fluffy double coat are the top reasons why they are inarguably irresistible.This pooch makes a great lap dog. They love showing their affection and loyal to their caretakers. They tend to stick with you all the time. However, these dogs have a mind of their own and are not very obedient. Strict rules need to be implemented as they can manipulative at times.While they have great assets. Pomeranians do not suit all living arrangements. They don’t want to be left alone. They are also sensitive to strangers and barks very loud. As for grooming, poms poms shed a lot. While they mostly get along well with children, make sure that the kid is not allergenic to dog before letting them make contact with your pet.

French BulldogFrench bulldogs have great fan-following since the early 1900s. They are rare intelligent dogs that have a very popular comical glum expression. They are one of the few breeds of small dogs that are not delicate to care for. Despite their chunky appearance, they make good family pets and can adapt well to any environment. Overall, they bring a calming element to a home.Aside from a few barks they do to announce a visitor, they are quiet types of dogs that can be friendly or politely reserved depending on the environment they are in. They do need a few playing time but will also do great as lapdogs. They have particular affection with humans that they can’t stand being left alone.Their good traits and personality undeniably make them stand out from the rest. However, they also have traits that may not suit all dog lovers like their mischievous behavior. They are intelligent sensitive dogs but stubborn too. Bad habits need to be corrected at an early age.

Shetland SheepdogShetland Sheepdogs have a lot to talk about starting from their bright eyes and bushy tails. They have long been popular as family pets. They are barker dogs that are loyal, funny and amazingly smart. While they have to always be kept busy they are adaptable to any size of environment.Shelties are known to repay their family’s kindness with loyalty and affection. They love to engage in all kinds of silly behavior whether they think you are watching or not. Their gentle disposition makes them great and well behaved with children. With their quick reflex, attentiveness and responsiveness, its no wonder that they are tag as the 6th most intelligent dog breed in the world.