How Long Does a Crested Gecko Live?

How Long Does a Crested Gecko Live?

If you are considering bringing in a crested gecko to your home as a new pet or have had one for a few years, you may be wondering just how long these adventurous little reptiles live. When it comes to crested geckos, exactly how long do they live? 

A crested geckos lifespan can range anywhere from 15-20 years. They are very low maintenance and with the proper care and environment are a great option for those who are interested in a pet that will accompany them through many years. 

It may be a bit shocking to hear that a crested gecko can really live as long as someone is able to get through kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school. Even so, these reptiles are capable of living a very long life and can be a wonderful pet for those looking to have a pet long-term. Continue reading to see the life expectancy of wild and captive crested geckos as well as the things you should consider in lieu of their long lifespan. 

What is the Life Expectancy of a Crested Gecko in the Wild? 

Crested geckos make wonderful household pets, but they certainly did not get their start within the home. These geckos are not ones who are heard and not seen, but can be found scuttering all over sidewalks, scaling walls, and running from plant to plant in warm and humid areas. They are seen in the wild very regularly and because of this, have made quite a way for themselves when it comes to their ability to go from the wild to captivity. 

Even with a crested gecko’s ability to live well in captivity and the wild, what does the life expectancy of a wild crested gecko look like? For most wild crested geckos, their lifespan ranges between 4 and 5 years. This length is actually quite long considering that they are preyed upon easily by other predators, but they are very good at working in survival mode to make their way in the wild if they get past their first year. 

Many wild crested geckos die within the first year due to this fact of being more of prey than predator. Crested geckos are very good at hiding themselves, but this doesn’t always stop bigger prey from getting a hold of them. After wild crested geckos have fully grown, it is very difficult to determine how much they have aged over time, therefore there could be wild crested geckos roaming about that have surpassed that 4-5 year mark. 

What is the Life Expectancy of a Crested Gecko in Captivity? 

A crested gecko may seem like a less than conventional type of pet due to its wild nature,, but this little reptile has made a name for itself in recent decades when it comes to household pets. This species of gecko is easy to care for, is quite entertaining when you can spot them during their awake time, are open to regular handling, and are easy to maintain. This may make it seem too good to be true that they would live for very long, but that is not the case.

Crested geckos may be small, but they know how to hold themselves together when it comes to living a long life. Crested geckos are capable of living anywhere from 15-20 years! It seems like that number would be impossible for such a small reptile, but this has been seen time and time again, proving that crested geckos really do withstand the test of time. 

When looking for a pet that will stick with you or your family over a decade rather than a few short years, it is easy to opt for animals like cats or dogs. However, if you are looking for a long-term pet that does not require as much attention and upkeep as cats or dogs, but still want something that can be with you through the years, a crested gecko is a fantastic option. Crested geckos will be there for years on end, but this is also a point to really consider. 


What to Consider in Lieu of a Crested Geckos Lifespan 

When it comes to choosing a pet, there are so many different items to check off of your list. Do you have the space for them? Do you have enough time to properly care for them? Will this pet be welcomed in a family environment? These things are true for the most common household pets, but there are also a few things that should be considered before you look to make a crested gecko a lifetime companion. 

Are You Willing to House a Crested Gecko for 15 or More Years? 

This is the biggest point of consideration when it comes to taking in a crested gecko. Many times, small replies can be a sort of impulse decision for people when it comes to taking them on as a pet. They are cute, they are easy to care for, and they don’t take up too much room. This makes for the recipe for a quick and impulsive purchase without taking the time to really think of how long a crested gecko will wind up staying with them. 

With the life expectancy of a crested gecko ranging anywhere from 15-20 years, taking on this reptile as a pet is a huge responsibility and one that will remain for years to come. Before purchasing a crested gecko, consider if you are willing to keep this pet within your home for such a long amount of time. Are you willing to move it with all of your other belongings if the time were to come? Are you willing to always make a place for your little reptile? 

Are you committed to caring for something long-term and know you will be able to do so in a way that will not result in any type of neglect to the animal? The lifespan of a crested gecko should be a huge deciding factor when it comes to taking one on as a pet. If you are not able to certainly say that you are committed to caring for another animal for such a long amount of time, this species of gecko may be the wrong choice for you. 

Are You Willing to Make a Long-Term Investment? 

It is extremely important to think about how the lifespan of a crested gecko is going to affect your own lifestyle for years to come. However, you must also consider how having a crested gecko is going to affect your budget for many years after the initial purchase. A crested gecko is a long-term investment when it comes to your time, but it is also a long-term investment when it comes to your money. 

After the initial costs which include the actual purchase of your crested gecko, the vivarium, everything that will go within it, like plenty of lush spots for climbing and hiding, cleaning supplies, and food, crested geckos are relatively inexpensive. However, constant expense is always going to be the case when it comes to food whether that be the purchase of fruit, live-food, or premixed powder for your lizard friend. 

Outside of food you also will have to account for the purchase of new plants as they are needed as well as veterinary care when it is seen as necessary for your crested gecko. These expenses will always be present as long as your gecko is alive and as a potential owner, you have to consider if the expense is something you are willing to take on for an extended amount of time. If you see the expense as unnecessary, then this reptile may not be for you. 

Are You Willing to Provide Long-Term Care? 

With crested geckos requiring a long-term commitment of time and money due to the length of their life-span, it is also very relevant to consider whether or not you are willing to properly care for a crested gecko for such a long amount of time. You may have said “yes” to being ready to take on a pet for such a long amount of time and may even be up for the expense that accompanies them, but what about it when it comes to the logistics of care? 

For crested geckos, they need to be fed every other day with either a premixed powder alone, or with a variation of premixed powder with live-food and different fruits. Their vivariums need to be spot cleaned of dead food daily and fresh water should always be available. The vivariums should also be thoroughly cleaned every few weeks and soiled pads should be removed weekly to maintain a clean environment for the crested gecko. 

Crested geckos also need regular misting of the plants within their vivariums so that they can be in an environment that is damp, as they prefer. All of these things take time and they are essential to the health of your crested gecko. If this level of care seems like more than you can handle for 15-20 years, it would be imprudent to bring a crested gecko into your home. Caring for a crested gecko requires time every day to ensure they are happy and healthy.