How Big Does a Maltese Get?

How Big Does a Maltese Get?

The Maltese, also known as the Maltese Terrier or the Maltaese is a small breed of long-haired dog probably originated in the toy category. It's believed to have originated in southern-central Europe from tiny dogs of spitz kind. However, despite its name, it actually has no documented historical or genetic link to the island of Malta. However, its name was given because of its small size which some people believed to be representative of Malta, hence the breed's relation with that country.

The Maltese looks like a cross between the Hungarian Water Hound and the Boston Terrier. The body is medium sized and the short hair is curly. It has a pointed tail, a square head, a deep chest and a high-set tail. Since the breed doesn't possess any distinguishing characteristics like other Mastiff breeds, how big does a Maltese get?

It's hard to say exactly how the breed evolved since it branched off from other small breeds of dogs. There is some evidence of ancestors of the Maltese evolving into a mastiff-like breed but these evidences are very scanty and it is mostly based on the appearance of the modern Maltese. The only thing that is certain is that the tiny dogs were capable of gracing the dinner table and that they have, over time, become the smallest breed in the world by standardization.

Today, the smallest breed in the world is the Maltese. The English, the German, the Irish and the French breeds are close behind. They all can maintain a healthy weight, can hold their body shape and are otherwise pretty much the same dogs. The Maltese may not be the smallest dogs in the world but it does belong in that particular list.

The average size for this breed is eight to ten inches in height at the shoulder. Some of them may be a bit taller but not all of them. Most average around five and a half to six inches in height. The Maltese with the shortest torso is the Dachshund, which is only three inches at the shoulder. The biggest dogs belong to the show breeds, i.e., the Grotte, the Hungarian Vizier, the miniature Schnauzer and the miniature Schnauzers.

The question of how big does a Maltese get cannot be answered with any precision as we do not have a way of measuring their height in a precise manner. The general consensus however is that the dogs are no bigger than normal. It depends on how they are bred. While some are undoubtedly big dogs due to their size, most of them are medium sized. Their color is white with black markings.

This dog was introduced into England in the 17th century as a fighting dog. As a fighting dog, it should be noted that this breed is fierce and is popularly known as the British Mastiff mongrels. They were first used in England for hunting but soon proved their abilities as companion dogs as well. Their gentle nature makes them ideal for families with children. Their distinct odor gives away the fact that they are pack animals and therefore are not suited to those who do not want a pack leader.

These dogs belong to a large family, the sighthounds are the largest of all the dog breeds. They were initially bred for hunting small animals like hares and foxes. In United States, they are commonly used for therapy and other purposes including service with the handicapped.

The average weight of this dog is around twenty pounds. They have a muscular structure and are big and strong, which gives them the ability to stand on their hind legs for a long period of time. They have big paws that enable them to grasp and manipulate objects. The dogs also have strong teeth and are very affectionate towards children.

While being the smallest dog in the world, the Maltese is famous for its ability to jump high. Their strength and agility make them a wonderful choice for jumpers. However, the dogs do not have the endurance to sustain such jumps for a long period of time. The average life span of this dog is just three years. Some of them live up to four years.

The working dog is another popular breed of dog. They are known for their strength and agility. While being the smallest dog in the world, the Maltese is known for its amazing strength. Some of them can lift one pound! When you consider how big a Maltese is when it is a puppy, you will see just why people choose them for a lot of jobs.