Cavapoochon Temperament: All You Need to Know

Some dog breeds do not get along well with many people, especially if there are young ones nearby. If the majority of pups are not exposed to...

Cavapoochon Temperament: All You Need to Know

Some dog breeds do not get along well with many people, especially if there are young ones nearby. If the majority of pups are not exposed to children at a young age, they will become startled or scared and may not want to be around the younger generation. When you are looking for a specific dog breed that gets along well with your family, then a cavapoochon might be a breed to take into consideration.

Does this particular offspring have a good temperament? Yes they do. With their friendly personalities and gentle spirit, you can be rest assured that they will make a great companion towards your family. Overall, these pups make marvelous family pets, especially when you have younger children or are thinking about starting a family soon. Not only that, but cavapoochons are a very sociable and affectionate breed of dog and love to be petted by anyone who crosses their paths.

With that being said, we are wanting to go in depth on each different type of their personalities and what exactly we can expect out of these behaviors, such as if they have a change in character if left alone for a while or something else.

Their Playful Behavior

Just as we have our own unique personalities, dogs do as well. Every breed of dog loves playing, whether it is with another animal or they simply want to create a good time with their owners. Having the ability of learning to socialize with their humans or other fur babies, even cats at times, can help them express themselves to the fullest. The majority of the time your dog does this, it is completely harmless and safe to do so. 

But sometimes, you might think that playful behavior is being aggressive. Since cavapoochons show no signs of aggression, it is safe to say this will not be an issue. However, just to be on the safe side and getting a better understanding between the two, let us look at the signs of playfulness versus aggression:


  • Have an open mouth that looks like a grin
  • The dog may be acting silly
  • Their movements are bouncy and not stiff
  • They continue to go back for more 
  • Both animals will take turns chasing each other
  • They will play bow, which their front ends are down and their bottoms are facing up
  • Dogs may expose their bellies which allows themselves to be caught when playing chase


  • Constant and low-range barking
  • Growling and snapping
  • Holding their ears upright
  • May snarl 
  • Carrying their tail high or moving it stiffly to each side
  • Overall stiffness in the body

Having A Gentle Spirit

Continuing along with their temperaments, cavapoochons are known for their gentle spirit which is why I said that they will be less likely to be aggressive as opposed to playing around. Two of their parents, which are the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise, are both gentle, so you can see where they get this behavior from.

In return, this helps when you have younger children. If you wind up having an animal, like a labrador and get them as a puppy, they are extremely energetic until they get to be a bit older. Mind you, labradors are very loyal and kindhearted animals, but they can be really rough at times while still in the puppy phase. Not only that, but cavapoochons will be more patient with your children as they grow and learn things themselves. Even exposing your child to an animal at a very early age will teach them about deeper feelings, empathy as well as social and emotional development.


Loving To Everyone Around Them

In general, canines are normally extremely loving and loyal animals. When they have a family, they are more prone to responding better to a familiar smell than something that is an unfamiliar scent. But what exactly does that mean and how exactly can we know that they love us and truly mean it? There are numerous ways to show that your dog loves you. Here are some of them down below:

  • Just like in wolf packs, dogs see us humans as their alpha dog
  • Dogs tend to learn from us
  • They mimic our behavior
  • Your canine will lick you
  • They make soft eye contact with you
  • Have a happy greeting each time you are seen
  • Wags their tail constantly
  • They will ignore those that we do not like and deem it fit as their enemy 
  • Canines communicate with us in specific ways that only we understand
  • They love to cuddle with you, but only on their terms

Being Friendly To A Stranger

Cavapoochons are prone to keeping friendliness towards strangers. This would be a wonderful thing if you were living in an apartment complex or a tight-knit community. It would also be a great way to meet new people because they are more prone to wanting to be petted by random strangers. Obviously this isn't always a good thing, but the majority of the time it will be. This also means that they are not going to be aggressive towards other human beings, which is the positive side of it.

Not only that, but the pups have been prone to letting you know whenever there is a stranger at the door. However, when they enter, odds are, they will wag their tails and automatically want to be petted by your friend, family member or someone who is helping with the house, such as your local plumber or the cable guy.

Cavapoochons Are An Affectionate Breed

Although dogs do not talk to us verbally, one of the many ways they communicate with us is through affection. Some dogs even smile at us because of how happy they are. 

Being able to cuddle with someone, even if it is your dog, is so beneficial to your health as well as your dogs. It is known that being more affectionate towards your dog will expand their lifespan and will help reduce stress levels within yourself. Even just petting your fur baby will do a lot of justice for the both of you. That being said, cuddling your animals builds trust, loyalty, respect and forms an even stronger bond between you and them. 

On that note, here are some more benefits to cuddling with your dog:

  • It relieves anxiety, depression and loneliness
  • Having an affectionate dog boosts your oxytocin levels, which is well known to be the “love hormone”
  • Forms a stronger bond between you and your puppy
  • Your dog will benefit from physical touch

Friendly To Other Dogs and Pets

When you go to dog parks or let your animal run around somewhere, especially if it is a public place that has a lot of dogs, it is pretty much guaranteed that they will be friendly towards another hound. On a similar note, when you have another pet or in your household such as a cat or bird, they will be really curious about it and the pooch will want to interact with those animals that are within your home.

Cavapoochoons will bark at some animals such as squirrels if you are walking by one, but this does not mean that they cannot be trained to stop the barking. You can easily train them yourself or go to a local professional dog trainer nearby.


Although it is hard to find the perfect dog for you and your family due to personality, size or how old they live to be, you can go with the understanding that this particular breed will not disappoint you. With their lovable, kindhearted and gentle temperament, you can make sure they are going to work perfectly for your family. Knowing the information I do about cavapoochons, I am going to find one to be a part of my family, too!