Can Chicken Live Inside? Indoor Pet chicken

Can Chicken Live Inside? Indoor Pet chicken

Have you ever toyed with the idea of keeping chicken in the house? can you really live in the same house as the chickens? Read on to find your answers.At one time or another, many people toy with the idea of having a pet chicken in their houses. If you intend to keep chicken but lack a large enough lawn, keeping chicken indoors sounds like not only a feasible idea but also an entertaining one.However, is keeping indoor pet chicken idyllic or idiotic? Like many animals, chicken can easily integrate into your family. It is, however, never a good idea to keep them permanently indoors. You see, chickens are carriers of dangerous illnesses like bird flu, which people can easily contract. These birds tend to leave droppings, feathers, and dandruff, which can cause contamination, leading to a variety of chicken-related illnesses. Indoor chickens are a bad idea. Instead, consider keeping your chickens outside, and wash your hands after contact to minimize any health risks.Whether you want to raise small chicks or temporarily provide shelter to a chicken until you get a more permanent home, there are both advantages and disadvantages of raising chicken in your house. Read on to find out about the pros and cons of indoor chickens.

Problems Associated with Indoor Pet Chicken

Several issues are likely to arise if you keep your chicken indoors. They include:

  • A lot of  Chicken Droppings

Chicken poop is the number one reason why it is a bad idea to keep your chicken in the house. Any experienced chicken owner knows that these birds are poop factories and, they do not care where they leave their droppings. Some people may address this poop situation by purchasing chicken diapers, or even potty train their birds, but this is a rare and difficult venture to take up.Some new and modern businesses such as MYPetChicken offer some stylish and functional chicken diapers.These diapers may help protect the house from the foul smells of chicken dropping as they free-roam around the home, however you will need many diapers if you want to host your chickens permanently in the house. Chickens are flock animals; you will not just have one. Just imagine having ten chickens pooping all over your Persian rug, your television, and your couches, Bleurgh! Calling that a “slightly less ideal” living situation is an understatement!Also, having your chickens in a diaper prompts them to l lay their eggs in their poop- Yuck! The chicken will end up totting the egg in their diaper until you notice and relieve them from the messy affair.

  • Makes Chickens Unhappy

Chickens are never happy when confined in human living quarters. They prefer to be outside. Keeping chickens permanently indoors usually prevents them from fully expressing their natural behaviors. Chickens are happiest when they spend several hours free ranging every day for their physiological and physical well-being. They enjoy foraging outside for tasty treats such as plants and bugs, which is impossible while cooped up in your house. They may instead eat bits of carpet or other debris. It is not good for them because it could lead to serious health issues.

  • Chickens do not get along with Other Indoor pets

This reason depends entirely on specific situations. Some cats are known to cuddle chicken like part of their offspring’s while some will only view the chicken as nothing more than a tasty treat. Also, dogs tend to present more issues than cats because some chickens can grow to formidable sizes, which may cause unnecessary rivalry in your home. Fortunately, with sufficient supervision and training, the chicken can be well-behaved animals that make a flock out of anything.

  • Chickens Always Need a Coop

No matter how big your house or compound may be, chickens will always need a coop to call home. They need chicken coops, where they can comfortably lay their eggs, roost, and have a peaceful place away from young children and other indoor pets. If you are hard-pressed for cash, you can make some nice and comfortable indoor coops from repurposed parrot cages and rabbit hutches.

  • Chickens can be Disease Carriers

If you want to be a poultry owner, this is an important consideration. Like pigeons and other birds, chicken bodies can host diseases like Campylobacter and salmonella. Bacteria live in chicken feathers and can transfer to human beings through touch.They also live in the chicken feces and can easily be transferred to any surface that they may poop on. Your chickens may look healthy, but they can be hosts to bacteria that are very harmful to the human body.According to the US Centers for Disease control, these bacteria affect millions of people and can be fatal in extreme cases. They can cause intestinal and digestive discomfort, including; vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.This is why they should never be allowed near your food or the kitchen and dining tables. Things like food and water bowls from chicken coops should never be cleaned where human food is prepared as well. You run the risk of cross-contamination; so it is best to create an outdoor area where you can clean, and disinfect the equipment used to care for your poultry.Many chickens may naturally dislike kitchen surfaces because they are hard to grip, but wash your hands before and after handling poultry, especially before eating. Hand sanitizers or plain soap and water are very effective in washing bacteria that may have transferred from the chicken to a person. It is always a good idea to have any kind of bottled hand sanitizer next to a chicken coop.[caption id="attachment_1312" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

chicken as indoor pet


Pros of keeping your Chicken Indoor

Those that keep their chickens indoors do so because it could be the only available option. Many indoor chickens begin their lives as coop chickens with some special kind of need that requires special attention from the owner. It is usually a temporary option, but as time goes by, the owner decides to give the chicken a permanent residence inside the house.When raising chicken indoors, you are likely to come across a host of issues, injuries, and illnesses. Some birds have weak immune systems, mobility issues, and some are too delicate to survive outside on their own and need some special kind of attention. While we may like to judge those who host their chicken in their homes, it may present some benefits to both the chicken and the owner.Some of the benefits are as seen below.

With their silly habits and goofy faces, chicken can provide some much-needed love to those who need it. They are a great alternative to those who enjoy the bonding and intelligence that a parrot provides, without the long life span and the attention typical parrots demand.These birds provide comfort to even the most stubborn of souls and can form companionship within a flock of other animals. They are common, cheap, and low maintenance animals that can return your love and affection tenfold.

  • Chickens Can Bring a Homestead to Life

If you want to present a piece of agriculture and self-sustainability to your home, chickens are your best bet. Even with limited space in your backyard, or proximity to your neighbors, keeping your chickens indoors will give you the chance to discreetly keep a piece of the farm life. Besides being great pets, chickens also provide fresh eggs and meat, as well as teach your children and friends about poultry farming.


As discussed above, it is not a good idea to keep chickens indoors as house pets. Keeping them indoors may be a rewarding experience, but the benefits outweigh the issues it could present. They have many requirements that make the whole experience difficult and time-consuming. These needs prevent the owners from providing the chicken with a good quality life, as well as allow them to keep their homes sanitary and safe for their families.