Can Cavapoos Go On A Plane? (Procedures To Follow)

Can Cavapoos Go On A Plane? (Procedures To Follow)

Taking any dog with you on vacation will require you to do some extra planning. This is to ensure that your fluffy best friend will be comfortable and well taken care of. However, traveling with a Cavapoo can be a little challenging if you’re unprepared. Cavapoos are intelligent, playful, and curious about their surroundings, making them great adventuring buddies. But, can Cavapoos go on planes?

Yes, Cavapoos are allowed on flights, but there are some things you need to know. First off, not all airlines are pet-friendly, and not every airplane is equipped to accommodate pets. Secondly, pet-friendly airlines have breed restrictions, weight limits, and other rules and regulations that you need to know and follow in order to bring your dog with you. Thankfully, Cavapoos and their purebred parents are not on any restricted list.

If you are planning to bring your Cavapoo with you on flights, then there are three crucial things you need to know. First, all pet-friendly airlines have a limit that prohibits dogs weighing more than 20 pounds from accompanying their owners in the plane's cabin. Furthermore, all dogs that are allowed to travel on airplanes need to be vaccinated and very well trained. Finally, you will need to fill out paperwork and pay additional fees, and your Cavapoo might also need its own passport. 

As you continue to read this article, we will cover the rules and regulations you need to know to ensure your Cavapoo has a safe flight. We will also provide a list of helpful products you can use to guarantee a safe and easy flight for your Cavapoo.

Traveling with Your Cavapoo on an Airplane

If you love to travel but hate leaving your dog at home, then you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations for flying with your dogs. Taking your dogs with you on a plane can be a bit complicated if you've never done it before. Thankfully, learning the ins and outs of flying with your dogs is pretty simple.

All airlines have rules and regulations in regard to traveling with your furry companion. The two most important requirements are that your dog is up to date with its vaccinations and that your dog is very well trained (if flying in the cabin). Making sure your dog is up to date with its vaccinations is very simple; consult with your vet a week or so before the flight to ensure your dog's vaccinations are up to date. Conversely, training can be difficult for some breeds, but Cavapoos are not in that category. Therefore, the only training you need for your dog revolves around keeping them quiet during the flight.

  • Flying with a Cavapoo in the Plane's Cabin

If you want your Cavapoo to fly with you in the plane's cabin, there is one major restriction that you need to follow. All dogs flying in the cabin need to weigh less than 20 pounds. This is to ensure that your dog can fit into a carrier or cage under your seat. However, every airline has its own rules, and the size or weight restrictions can vary. 

Unfortunately, Cavapoos are a breed that exists in multiple size categories. Toy and miniature Cavapoos should be able to fly with you in the cabin, but standard Cavapoos are too large and will need to fly in the cargo bay instead. Furthermore, some miniature Cavapoos can grow to weigh up to 25 pounds, which will require some of them to fly in the cargo bay. 

Another requirement of flying with your dog in the cabin is that they are well trained. Owners should train dogs flying in the cabin to stay as quiet as possible, so they don't disturb the other passengers. Thankfully, one of the Cavapoo’s parents is one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, and that intelligence is passed down to their Cavapoo offspring, making them very easy to train. 

The final requirement for your Cavapoo to travel with you in the plane's cabin is for them to be in a TSA-approved carrier. These carriers should be well ventilated and able to fit comfortably beneath your seat. Every airline will have its own restrictions regarding carrier sizes, so it would be best if you called ahead of time to figure out if your carrier would work. Thankfully, there are tons of TSA-approved carriers that you can find online and in stores.

  • Flying with Your Cavapoo in the Cargo Hold

Once your pet is cleared to travel in the cabin, you're pretty much good to go. However, traveling in the cargo hold is a different story. Unlike the cabin, the cargo hold is not temperature controlled and will have temperature fluctuations throughout the flight, which can be difficult for your dog. As such, some airlines have breed restrictions for cargo transport, and some will refuse to transport pets in the cargo bay during summer. Some airlines don’t even offer cargo transport for pets because they can’t or won’t pressurize the cargo bay. 

If your Cavapoo exceeds the size requirements for traveling in the cabin with you, they will need to travel in the cargo hold instead. The rules are more lenient for pets traveling in the cargo bay, with the most vital restrictions being specific requirements for your pet's travel crate. However, if your Cavapoo is too large for cabin travel, you will need to book your ticket at least ten days in advance to ensure the airline can accommodate your Cavapoo. 

When it comes to crate requirements for cargo transport, all airlines will require certain prerequisites to be met. To be allowed in the cargo hold, your pet's crate must be large enough to move, sit, stand, lay down, and turn their head. Your pet's crate needs a sturdy and secure metal door, and the roof can’t have holes. Finally, the crate must be made of a sturdy material that will not bend under pressure.

  • Is Your Cavapoo a Service or Support Dog?

In December 2020, the Department of Transportation revised its regulations regarding service animals. The most significant change is that emotional support animals are no longer considered to be service animals and can now be denied from flying. Emotional support animals must now follow the size restrictions airlines impose when flying in the cabin. 

However, airlines are still required by law to allow service dogs to fly in the cabin regardless of size. Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Deafness
  • Seizures
  • Visual Impairments
  • Mobility Impairments
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

If your Cavapoo is a service dog, there are some extra steps that you need to take before you board the plane. Airlines require you to provide DOT service forms up to 48 hours before the travel date. Furthermore, airlines require that your service dog can comfortably sit between your legs during the flight. Your service dog must also be equipped with a harness, and its leash must be attached and or tethered at all times.

Helpful Products to Keep Your Cavapoo Calm and Happy During Your Flight

After the airline has confirmed that your Cavapoo can fly, you might want to consider preparing to make the trip as easy as possible. Make an appointment and talk with your veterinarian before you make plans. Your vet will be able to recommend when to feed your dog before the flight and how you can reduce anxiety or if a sedative is necessary. 

After talking with your vet about traveling with your Cavapoo, you can purchase some extra equipment to help your Cavapoo stay as safe and comfortable as possible. Here are some products we found helpful when traveling with our Cavapoos:

  1. Relax And Roll Supplement Bars

As part of the preparation process for flying with your Cavapoo, you can incorporate Relax & Roll supplement bars from The Anxious Pet into your pet's regular diet. These supplement bars are made with a proprietary blend of ingredients to help your dogs get through stressful situations like car rides, stormy weather, and even plane rides. 

These supplement bars are made with organic and naturally occurring ingredients that help reduce stress and anxiety without making your dog sleepy or drowsy. They also taste great and come in a few flavors like peanut butter and banana. 

But of course, before committing to the Relax And Roll Supplement bars, you should consult with your vet.

  1. Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket

Thundershirts are a product that fits on your dog like any other doggy clothing. However, Thundershirts apply gentle pressure as if you were hugging or swaddling your dog. The gentle pressure applied from Thundershirts helps calm dogs during stressful situations that cause anxiety, like veterinary visits, stormy weather, firework holidays, and traveling. They come in many sizes that can fit the smallest Chihuahuas to the largest Great Danes.

While Thundershirts are a great drug-free way to help calm your dog's nerves, they do not work immediately. It will take a period of adjustment for your dog to get used to a Thundershirt, but there will be instructions to help acclimate your dog to it. 

However, Thundershirts are not guaranteed to work on every dog. Each dog will react differently to calming products like this one. If a Thundershirt does not help reduce anxiety for your Cavapoo, you should talk to your vet about other calming methods.

  1. Sherpa Original Deluxe

This TSA-approved in-cabin pet carrier is one of the best you can buy and is a fantastic example of what to look for when purchasing a pet carrier for your Cavapoo. In addition, this pet carrier comes in small, medium, or large, so you can pick the right size carrier for your Cavapoo. 

The Original Deluxe comes with a myriad of features like a shoulder strap, storage pocket for treats, locking zippers, and a seatbelt strap. This pet carrier is also certified by Guaranteed on Board which makes boarding a plane with your Cavapoo a breeze. Guaranteed on Board acts as a liaison for pet owners and airlines by allowing owners to submit a form to the airline with their flight details, pet information, and the type of carrier they are using.

The best part is if you are ever denied boarding due to an issue related to your carrier, Guaranteed on Board will reimburse you for the total cost of your ticket and any pet fees.

  1. Sky Kennel Pet Carrier By Petmate

If your Cavapoo is too big to fly in the cabin, you will need a proper kennel to ensure your Cavapoo has a safe and comfortable fight in the cargo hold. Thankfully, many kennels meet the requirements airlines have for cargo flying dogs, and Petmate's Sky Kennel is one of the best.

The Sky Kennel is made with a heavy-duty, high-impact-plastic shell that meets all of the requirements. In addition, the Sky Kennel comes in a wide array of sizes for dogs of any size and is equipped with a heavy-duty metal wire door and windows that provide plenty of ventilation.

Petmate provides live animal and pet identification stickers to help ensure your pet's safety during flight and help you find them once you land. The Sky Kennel also comes with clip-on food and water bowls to keep your pet fed and hydrated during the flight. Petmate also makes their Sky Kennel out of recycled materials, which is always a plus in our books. 

Final Thoughts

Cavapoos are a fantastic breed with no flying restrictions other than size and airplanes that don't have pressurized cargo bays. As long as you make a reservation for your flight and follow the rules and regulations set by the airline, your Cavapoo will be allowed on the plane. 

Be sure to talk with your vet prior to departure to make sure your Cavapoo is healthy enough for the flight. Your vet will also be able to help you keep your Cavapoo's stress and anxiety levels as low as possible during the flight.