Can A Yorkie Kill A Cat? (Vet Answers)

Can A Yorkie Kill A Cat? (Vet Answers)

Yorkies and cats are roughly the same size but have wildly different personalities. Yorkies are a small breed known for their bravery, tenacious attitude, and feisty nature. The Yorkie personality is nearly the polar opposite of most cats, and their personality can clash if they are not properly trained. But can a Yorkie kill a cat?

It’s possible that a Yorkie can kill a cat, but the probability of this happening is extremely unlikely. Cats and Yorkies are roughly the same size, and seeing a cat running by or scurrying away might trigger a Yorkie to become alert and bark, but they should rarely, if ever, chase with intent to kill. 

Yorkies can get along quite well with cats if they are adequately trained and socialized. Socialization between a Yorkie and a cat can take roughly a week of supervision, and in most cases, your cat will probably ignore your Yorkie and retreat to a higher spot. However, sometimes your cat and Yorkie can become great friends and will even play together. The best case scenario is to adopt a kitten and a Yorkie puppy simultaneously. This way, they will grow up being acquainted with each other throughout their lives.

As you continue to read this article, we will discuss how Yorkies act with cats. We will also talk about the territorial nature of Yorkies and cats, and cover the steps to help socialize them. Finally, we will discuss the signs you need to look out for if your Yorkie and cat are not getting along.


Do Yorkies Get Along with Cats?

Yorkies are a beautiful breed known for their tenacious attitude, feisty nature, bravery, and tendency to be bossy. They were initially bred to be working dogs in lumber and textile mills where they were small enough to fit into tight spaces and hunt mice, rats, and other small rodents. This history gives the Yorkshire Terrier a prey drive, but it is only directed at small rodents.

Because Yorkies and cats are very similar in size, it is doubtful that a Yorkie will see a cat as prey. However, that does not mean that Yorkies won't show aggression towards a cat. They will bark, growl, or even try to pick a fight with a cat if they are not properly trained. Forcing a cat and a Yorkie together can quickly end in a fight, so it’s best to make sure each animal can have their own space, allowing your cat and Yorkie to get to know and respect each other at their own pace. 

If you own a cat or a Yorkie and wish to get the other, you must know that it will take time for them to get along. But the best way to ensure that they get along is by adopting both of them simultaneously when they are young. 

Adopting a Yorkie puppy and a kitten simultaneously allows them to get to know each other and get along quickly because kittens and puppies are very accepting and personable. Becoming friends early on in life means they will be friendly throughout their lives.

Are Cats Territorial?

Cats are indeed territorial animals, and adding a new animal to the home will make them uneasy at first. However, cats usually only show aggression toward other cats that impede their territory. Although, this aggression can still be directed toward dogs under certain circumstances. 

Cats will show aggression by marking their territory through rubbing their chins and cheeks on objects, spraying urine, and patrolling around their home. Cats sometimes stalk a new animal in their home. If the "intruder" gets too close to the cat, they will show increased aggression by hissing and even chasing or scratching.

Thankfully, domesticated cats will get used to their new roommate over time. However, they may be very annoyed that they have to share their home through this adjustment period. 

Are Yorkies Territorial?

Yorkies are brave animals and protective of their owners, which can make them territorial when a new animal enters their home. However, they’re intelligent and can be trained from an early age to accept new animals into their home much easily. Also, socializing a Yorkie and a new animal like a cat is essential to stop aggression. The earlier a Yorkie is socialized with a cat, the faster and easier it will be.

I Own a Cat and Want to Adopt a Yorkie

If you already own a cat and wish to adopt a Yorkie, there are some vital steps you need to take. These steps can change depending on the age of each animal.

  • How to Socialize a New Yorkie Puppy to My Kitten

The easiest and best time to socialize a Yorkie and a cat is when they are both young. Kittens and puppies do not express desires to mark territories and show aggression to intruders. 

The best thing to do to socialize your Yorkie puppy and your kitten is to set them down in the same room. They will be curious about each other and eventually get close enough to sniff and greet one another. Afterward, your Yorkie puppy will want to explore its new home, and your kitten will be excited to have a new friend to play with and will follow your puppy around while it explores.

Your kitten and Yorkie puppy will eventually start to play together. This is when you need to keep a close eye on them to ensure your Yorkie puppy does not get too rough with your kitten. 

Because they’re both babies, there shouldn’t be any trouble between them, and as they grow up, they will be close friends. Of course, there might be some scuffles between the two, but these disputes are always minor, and they will forget about it soon enough. 

  • How to Socialize a New Yorkie Puppy to My Cat

If you own an adult cat and want to adopt a Yorkie puppy, the best thing to do is to put your cat in a separate room and let your puppy walk around. As your puppy explores, it will quickly pick up your cat's scent and, after a while, will get used to the smell.

After a while, you should have somebody hold your Yorkie puppy while letting your cat out of the room. Your cat will start to sniff around and pick up the scent of your new puppy. Then lead your cat into view of your puppy, slowly introduce them, and let them smell each other. If your cat shows any signs of territorial aggression toward your puppy, separate the two and try again in an hour or two.

  • How to Socialize a New Adult Yorkie to My Kitten

When socializing a new adult Yorkie and a kitten, you should start by letting the Yorkie sniff the kitten. This allows the Yorkie to get used to your kitten's scent, which helps move things along. After the initial introduction, keep them separated so they can get comfortable with each other's presence. 

At first, your kitten will probably be scared of your Yorkie because it’s noticeably bigger, and your Yorkie might get too excited and chase the kitten around because your kitten is smaller. But keeping them separated in the same room helps alleviate this. Also, showing equal affection to both of them puts their scent on your clothes, which also helps them become more acquainted. 

However, if your Yorkie shows signs of aggression towards your kitten, you must stop them immediately and separate them. Teaching your Yorkie commands and punishing them with a firm NO when they are acting bad can help keep your Yorkie in line. Also, as your kitten gets older, your Yorkie will get more used to them being around.

But if your Yorkie continues to be territorial and show aggression towards your kitten, you will need to keep them separated or sadly, rehome one of them. 

  • How to Socialize an Adult Yorkie to My Cat

This is where things start to get tricky. While cats are not territorial when they are kittens, as they get older, they will start to show their territorial instincts. Introducing an adult Yorkie into your cat's territory can cause your cat to show aggression towards the Yorkie. But there are some steps you can take to speed up the process of your cat and Yorkie becoming used to each other.

  1. Before bringing your new Yorkie into your home, put your cat in a separate room.
  2. Once your cat is in a separate room, bring your new Yorkie inside and let it run around and explore its new home. This helps your Yorkie gain its bearings, get used to its new environment, and smell your cat's scent.
  3. After about 30 minutes or so, let your cat out and slowly introduce them. Your cat and Yorkie will slowly approach one another and smell each other.
  4. Do not force them together. Doing so will make your cat very anxious and can show aggression towards you and the Yorkie because it can make them feel trapped.
  5. Let your cat and Yorkie walk around for a bit but keep a close eye on them. If either one shows aggression, separate them and keep them in different rooms.
  6. Once it is time to go to bed, let your cat sleep in your room if that is where they usually sleep at night. The next day have your Yorkie sleep in your room instead or bring their crate in the room overnight if it’s crate trained.
  7. Repeat this process for one to two weeks until you are confident that your cat and Yorkie can get along peacefully.

I Own a Yorkie and Want to Adopt a Cat

The process of introducing a new cat or kitten into a home that already owns a Yorkie is slightly different than the reverse. Like before, it can be challenging at first, but with proper socialization techniques, they should become friends.

  • How to Socialize a New Kitten to My Yorkie Puppy

Socializing a new kitten into a home with a Yorkie puppy is nearly identical to how we described it above. Since they are both babies, they will not exhibit territorial habits and will quickly become playmates. Remember to watch them closely while playing to ensure your Yorkie puppy does not get too rough with your kitten. 

Like we said before, introducing a kitten and a Yorkie puppy is the easiest way for them to get along. As they grow up, they will remain friends and get along great.

  • How to Socialize a New Cat to My Yorkie Puppy

Introducing an adult cat into your home if you own a Yorkie puppy is possibly the second most straightforward way to socialize the two. The new cat should not have a problem with your Yorkie puppy and will probably ignore them. However, it would help if you still take the time to socialize the two. 

Start by putting your puppy into a separate room and let your cat walk around and explore its new home. During this time, your cat will quickly pick up the smell of your Yorkie puppy. After some time, let your puppy out and let them sniff each other. Please don't force your cat to interact with the puppy because it can make them anxious and defensive.

Your Yorkie puppy will try to play with the cat. When this happens, watch the cat closely and ensure they do not hiss, swipe, or show any other aggression towards your Yorkie puppy. Most of the time, your cat will probably walk away or jump to a higher spot to escape the puppy. But if your cat shows aggression towards the puppy, separate them and put your cat in a different room.

  • How to Socialize a New Kitten to My Adult Yorkie

Introducing a new pet of any kind into a home with an adult dog can be a little complicated. Yorkies can get jealous of the new kitten. When you are ready, hold your Yorkie and let them smell the kitten but keep them separated to make sure your Yorkie does not get riled up. 

Make sure that you show a good deal of attention to your Yorkie. This will help prevent them from getting jealous of the new kitten. Furthermore, keep a close eye on any situation where your Yorkie and kitten are together. If you notice that your Yorkie is showing signs of being pushy or aggressive, separate them.

As your kitten gets older, your Yorkie will become more acquainted with them. Your kitten will even start playing with your Yorkie, but keep an eye on them and make sure your Yorkie does not get too aggressive during their playtime. 

  • How to Socialize a New Cat to My Adult Yorkie

Socializing a new cat with your adult Yorkie is less difficult than the reverse. To introduce the two, start by putting your Yorkie in a separate room and let your new cat explore its new home. While your cat is exploring, it will smell your Yorkie, which will let your cat know that another animal lives there. 

After letting your cat explore:

  1. Go into the room with your Yorkie and put them on a leash.
  2. Bring your Yorkie into the room with your cat and let them smell each other.
  3. Keep your Yorkie close and let your cat come up to your Yorkie to smell them.
  4. After some time, you can let your Yorkie off its leash, but keep a close eye on any interaction between your two pets.
  5. If you notice any signs of aggression, separate them into different rooms.

Signs to Look Out For if Your Yorkie Will Not Get Along with a Cat

You will quickly notice if your Yorkie is not adjusting well to your new cat. If your Yorkie does not like its new furry roommate, it will show aggressive behaviors like growling or snapping. When you see this happen, you should give your Yorkie a stern "No" to stop that behavior. 

If your Yorkie continues to growl or snap at your cat for two to three weeks, there is a good chance that they will never get along. This means that you will either need to rehome one of them or constantly keep them separated. However, this is rare and can be stopped with adequate training. 

Remember that jealousy can be a serious factor when it comes to your animals not liking each other. Giving equal attention to your cat and Yorkie is a good way to help stop bad behavior. 

Final Thoughts

Generally, Yorkies get along with cats quite well. With proper training and socialization techniques, cats and Yorkies of any age can get along swimmingly. However, introducing a Yorkie puppy and a kitten is the easiest way to ensure they get along and become great friends. Finally, it would be best if you remembered to pay attention to the behaviors of both pets when introducing them. Socializing the two can take up to two weeks before you will know whether they can get along.