Are Cavachons Hypoallergenic?

Are Cavachons Hypoallergenic?

If you have kids, they may be asking you for a dog at least once a week. However, they are allergic to dogs, or even you might be. There is a way around this, which is you can get hypoallergenic dogs. There are plenty of breeds out there that carry this trait. You may have even had one of these dogs and not even know it. Thinking back, you might have had a Cavachon as an old family dog when you were a kid. But are they hypoallergenic?

The definition of hypoallergenic is the relative or unlikely chance to cause an allergic reaction. There are plenty of dog breeds that fit this bill, and Cavachons are one of those breeds. Dandre, saliva, and urine are the most common forms of dog allergy. The Cavachon barely sheds, does not drool, and does not form a lot of protein in their drool or urine. This is what gives the Cavachon the hypoallergenic trait.

As you continue to read this article, you will find a lot of the information you need when owning a Cavachon. Along with this information, this article will also provide you with other dog breeds that also happen to be hypoallergenic.

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Are Cavachons Hypoallergenic?

Cavachons are incredibly hypoallergenic. They do not shed nearly as much as many other dogs do, which leads them to be the perfect animal for your household if you have allergies. Not only that, but these little fur babies do not droll, nor do they form a vast amount of protein in their drool and urine. Overall, you can guarantee they will not cause too much trouble!

Grooming Their Coats

In regards to grooming, the Cavachon's coat grows relatively long for a small dog. Grooming every three months is perfect, with trimming in-between visits. They are low shedders, which accounts for their long fur, and they have two coats: one as a puppy and then an adult coat, which takes about six months to develop. Maintain a daily routine for washing their ears, teeth and trimming their nails.

Your Cavachon should be fine in cold weather if their coats are allowed to grow a little longer. They are not outdoor puppies, so that a snowball battle would be a good experience for them. However, if you live in a hot environment, you can keep their coat clipped so as not to overheat if they are outdoors much.

Are Cavachons High Maintenance?

In about every way, your Cavachon can be a low-maintenance puppy. The only genuine care needed is your love and affection, with only a few visits to the groomer each year, a little grooming, and a brief morning stroll. They like being around humans, other dogs, and children, and they have few health issues, but a couple of them can be severe if passed on to them.

Energetic Pups

Cavachons are energetic enough to get some workout both inside and outside. Nonetheless, a brief daily stroll will help them stay safe, comfortable, and engaged. It's also a good idea to play with agility toys and fetch on a ball or stick.

Cavachons are better kept inside, but they do like running around outdoors, so make sure you have a stable, fenced-in space for them if you want to let them out. Since they are small dogs, it is better not to encourage them to play in environments where predatory predators may be found, as they may draw unnecessary attention.

Health Issues

If kept safe and comfortable, your Cavachon should live for 12 to 15 years. In terms of health issues, they have little to worry about apart from what they can inherit from their parent breeds, which can be severe: heart and immune system disorders. They can also have eye and ear infections and flea allergies on a minor scale. Daily visits to the veterinarian can help diagnose some medical problems as soon as they arise.

Are Cavachons a Good Family Dog?

Cavachons make excellent family dogs and excellent pets for youngsters. They love hanging out with children, participating in their sports, and sitting on their laps. They are very accepting of the noise and commotion that comes with having children.

However, as in any breed, educate children on correctly approaching and handling dogs, and always supervise all contact between dogs and young children to avoid biting or ear or tail pulling on either side. Teach your child never to touch a feeding or resting dog or threaten to steal the dog's food. No dog, no matter how friendly, should be left alone with a child.

The Cavachon is a friendly dog that loves being with other dogs as long as they get their equal share of love from their trainer. The Cavachon will get along with cats and other species with good introductions and training.

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Are Cavachons Easy to Train?

These puppies are clever and relatively fast learners, but you must be diligent during training to ensure that your dog knows what you want of them. Cavachons learn better when they are introduced to education at a young age. The better the dog is exposed to obedience training and socialization, the easier and more successful the results can be.

If at all possible, accompany your dog as they head outside. Being there as your puppy is practicing this valuable ability is essential for many reasons such as:

  • You cannot applaud positive behavior and reward with a tasty treat if you are not there to watch.
  • You will keep the puppy focused on the yard's area where you want them to do their business.
  • Most importantly, you will know that it is safe to consider them finished because you saw them go.

That way, you are less likely to get them back home to find them having an accident on the floor because you didn't make sure she'd done their business outside.

When puppies first go outside, it is natural and healthy for them to run around and let out some puppy steam. That being said, it is also simple to let the dog run about and then grab them up to go back home, only to find that it was just a game and they forgot to go because they were having so much fun.

Have an eye out for pre-potty activity such as sniffing the ground, spinning, and standing still, then avoid communicating before they do, then enthusiastically praise. This is also important; instead of jumping and screaming for joy, using their name makes the vowel sounds long and full of quiet praise. Then, as soon as possible, offer a little treat for a job well done. It would be best to affirm your positive behavior with a double treat, your praise, and a puppy chip. Never underestimate the power of your voice, and use it carefully and gently, and keep orders and affirmation brief and not too wordy.

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Do Cavachons Have Separation Anxiety?

Cavachons do not do too well being left on their own for too long. Some small breeds, including the Cavachon, are considered lap dogs. Lap Dogs are bred to, well, actually sit on someone's lap. They are very close to their humans and derive the most of their happiness from being with them. As a result, Cavachons are not self-sufficient and often find it difficult to amuse themselves for extended periods. In general, you can not leave your Cavachon alone for more than 4-6 hours a day. Do not get a Cavachon if you work long hours outside the house and be alone for 10-12 hours a day.

If you want to leave your Cavachon alone for shorter periods in their adult years, you should begin working on this early in their lives. Ideally, you can keep a dog pen in your living room and enter and exit it periodically during the day. When you leave, the dog must learn it is not the end of the universe. Instead, you want to teach them that you will always return. If you go in and out of the door regularly, it will finally become natural to them.

Many Cavachon owners make the error of allowing their dogs to pursue them from room to room at all hours of the day. Since your puppy has never had even brief separations, he or she can develop separation anxiety. Experiment with leaving periodically during the day, even though it is to go into another room to take out the garbage, without your dog often accompanying you.

Other Hypoallergenic Small Breeds

Here are some other small dog breeds you can consider if being hypoallergenic is the main trait you are looking for.

1. Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is a rough-looking, bearded terrier that is surprisingly cool, insightful, and easy to train. The American Kennel Club recognizes it as one of the most common breeds, ranked 19 out of 195. The Miniature Schnauzer stands 12 to 14 inches tall and weighs 11 to 20 pounds. It is the smallest of the three Schnauzer varieties and sheds very little.

2. West Highland Terrier

The West Highland Terrier is as regal as its name implies. The West Highland Terrier, or "Westie," is a perfect home pet that won't aggravate your allergies. It is renowned for its steadfast devotion, playfulness, and enjoyment. The Westie is about 11 inches long and weighs 15 to 20 pounds.

3. Toy Poodle

According to the American Kennel Club, the classic Poodle is the seventh most common breed. Poodles are well-known for their intelligence and the modesty that comes with it. Poodles are available in regular, miniature, and toy sizes. In contrast, a large Poodle is relatively tall and bulky. Miniature and toy breeds can be just the right size for those looking for a tiny dog.

4. Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a cute, curly dog with a playful, curious disposition and an energetic personality. It is a breed that ranges in height from 9.5 to 11.5 inches and weighs from 12 to 18 pounds. Bichon Frise translates to "curly lap dog" in French. Fortunately, these curls do not shed.

5. Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is a distinct breed with conspicuous, pointing ears and an unmistakable scruffy beard. It is a self-sufficient and self-assured breed that thinks for itself and brightens the atmosphere in every household. Completely grown, the Scottish Terrier stands about 10 inches tall and weighs between 18 and 22 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Cavachon is a hypoallergenic animal while also being great for kids. Because of their low amount of shedding and their low protein count in their drool and urine, Cavachons can be a perfect pet for your family if one or more of you have a dog allergy. Along with the list of other small breeds considered hypoallergenic that you can research, we hope to have answered most of your questions regarding Cavachons.