5 Best Sand Bath For Gerbils (Honest Review)

5 Best Sand Bath For Gerbils (Honest Review)

Just got a gerbil in your home? So, we use soap to clean ourselves from dirt. What about rodents like gerbils? That’s when the concept of the sand bath was introduced. 

A sand bath for gerbils should contain a shallow, durable container with natural and chemical-free sand to fill it. 

A gerbil’s body needs shine; you can do it with a sand bath. Before you head on to give one to your gerbil, we have handpicked a range of sand baths perfect for them. Scroll below and choose from our picks, thereby saving you time and effort!

Best Sand Bath for Gerbils

Giving a sand bath to gerbils once a week can freshen the coat, rejuvenate the body, and leave their bodies free from harmful substances, including debris and grease. However, not all containers or sands are ideal for gerbils. There are several criteria to fulfill, including container material, quantity, type of sand, and size. 

1: Kaytee Small Animal Ceramic Critter Bath

Kaytee Small Animal Ceramic Critter Bath is a perfect sand bath for gerbils and dwarf hamsters. If you have both at home, you can save money by buying this product. 

Kaytee ranks on the list of best sand baths for gerbils as it is made of chew-proof ceramic materials with multiple colors and a pack of dust. The size of this sand bath is 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.25, and it is sufficient to bathe one gerbil inside it. 

It’s easy to use. For example, you can let your gerbil enter this container and allow him to roll and enjoy his time. After some time, you can take him out. 

The best part about Kaytee’s critter bath is that it comes with an instruction manual so that you know how and when to use it. 

Several gerbils even enjoy living within these baths that they hesitate to come out. The comfort that Kaytee’s bath gives to gerbils is outstanding. 

It costs $6.08 and is entirely worth it. The only downside is that it can be pretty small for some gerbils and hamsters. If you have multiple gerbils at home, you must buy multiples or go for other options. 

2: Hamiledyi Chinchilla Sand Bathroom

Hamiledyi Chinchilla Sand Bathroom is a multi-purpose sand bath for chinchillas, gerbils, and dwarf hamsters. The size of this bath is 9.65 in * 6.89 in * 7.09 in. While it does not fit adult rodents, it’s still a compact compartment that gerbils enjoy. 

We like this sand bath because it comes with 2LBs of bath sand and has a removable design with no dead corner. It is also easy to clean after gerbils take a bath in them. Several sand baths in the market become greasy and take time to clean thoroughly. However, this sand bath absorbs moisture and unnecessary oils, thereby maintaining the quality and durability of the container. 

When you look for a sand bath, you must ensure that you can supervise from the outside. Hamildeyi Chinchilla Sand Bathroom has a flip-door design that is transparent, detachable, and made of high-quality polypropylene material. As a result, it gives extreme comfort to the gerbil. 

Another reason we recommend this product is that the manufacturer guarantees softness of hair, removal of odor, and the ability of bathing sand to prevent several skin diseases. Perhaps, you can also order sand after it’s over. 

If you have only one gerbil at home, it can take 3-4 months to use a whole bag of sand and order a fresh one. Just leave this box inside the gerbilarium, and your gerbil can enter whenever he needs a sand bath. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

A funny aspect of Hamiledyi’s Chinchilla Sand Bathroom is that gerbils use it as hideouts and even sleep when left for long times. The price is $21.99, and it’s high-end. Owing to various features and benefits, we call it a great steal if you buy it today. 

3: Kathson Dwarf Hamster Dry Bathroom

Kathson Dwarf Hamster Dry Bathroom is a tiny container made exclusively for a range of rodents, including gerbils, squirrels, hedgehogs, and chinchillas. 

The first look at this product can let you recognize that it is made of sturdy plastic that is durable and free from harmful chemicals. The enclosure of this bathroom is convenient for gerbils to bath, rest, and sleep in without scattering or spilling dust outside. 

Kathson’s Dwarf Hamster Dry Bathroom follows the standard size of 9.6 in * 7.1 in * 7 in. The package does not include sand, and this is a disadvantage. Another letdown is the lack of color options for buyers. However, looking at the design, three locks are fixed in three directions to add an extra layer of security to your gerbil. 

The sliding door is another attractive feature. Perhaps you must supervise when your gerbil is taking a sand bath. If you have a baby gerbil, there is no better sand bathroom than Kathson’s. It’s easy to assemble. So, you can carry the sandbox wherever you take your gerbil with you and give him a safe space to rest and bathe. 

It’s priced at $16.99, slightly higher for its features, but it’s still worth the buy. 

4: WishLotus Hamster Sand Bathroom

If you ask us the most loved sand bathroom for a gerbil, we’d blindly say WishLotus Hamster Sand Bathroom. There are umpteen exciting elements of this sand bathroom, pushing you to buy it immediately. 

WishLotus’s Hamster Sand Bathroom comes as a complete package of a sand bath container, cage accessories, and a shovel ideal for gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Pink is the only color in which this sand bath is available. 

If you have already set up a gerbilarium for your gerbil, you can directly attach this bathroom to the cage. A removable white tray is attached to this bath, letting you clean the sand on the go. Alternatively, you can also fix it as an external compartment. As it has a transparent layout, you can supervise it from a distance. 

The container is made of safe, high-quality acrylic material with high durability. The only disadvantage could be its size which is 5.1 in * 5.9 in, which is too tiny for a gerbil. Perhaps, there is also an opening hole, but the size is still not great. 

It costs $9.99, and we call it perfect pricing, owing to its sturdiness and design. 

Let’s get back to our experience of using this sand bath. The internal container is easy to clean and leaves the gerbil with no foul odor. A plastic connecting plate is meant to attach the bath to the iron cage directly. 

The overall look is neat and has several vents to eliminate moisture from the bathroom. Once you buy the sand for your gerbil, this product can be a start of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project too. 

5: ACEDiva 7.1 in Hamster Sand Bath

How about a cute and handy sand bath for your gerbil? That’s when we got hold of ACEDiva 7.1 in Hamster Sand Bath. 

Maintaining a gerbil, especially if you are new, is tedious. A sand bath can give you and your gerbil peace of mind. ACEDiva’s Hamster Sand Bath is ideal for several small animals, including hedgehogs, gerbils, squirrels, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs. 

The first aspect of this product that attracted us is the size options. It’s available in three sizes - 5.5*5.5*4.3 in, 6.3*4.7*4.3 in, and 7.1*4.7*4.7 in. So, you can select the best one based on the animal's size. We chose the biggest one because we want our gerbils to call it “their homes.”

There’s also adequate space for gerbils to dig sand, burrow, and rest in a dark environment. ACEDiva’s sand bath comes with a random-colored shovel to clean dust and sand. Having used this product for long, the bathtub is easy to maintain, clean, and keep free from foul odor even when gerbils stay for long hours. 

Leaving this sand bath at the bottom of the gerbilarium is a good idea. Another reason to buy this sand bath is its cuteness. It’s made of PP plastic but looks like a glass container. Gerbils can take a few hours to explore and accept this space. Once they settle, they will never want to come out. 

This cozy sand bath costs $12.99 for a large size, and it’s surely value for money. 

That’s it! We have listed our top picks so you can choose one for your little rodent. Our picks include multiple sizes, features, and price ranges.

What Kind of Sand Do You Use for a Gerbil Bath?

Chinchilla sand, which is 100% natural and sterilized, is ideal for a gerbil bath. However, ensure that it’s free from harsh chemicals. 

Choosing sand for your gerbil needs your attention. Bathing gerbils with water is not advisable. Hence, choose sands termed — natural, aragonite, quartz, sepiolite, or volcanic pumice. Do not go for beach, kinetic, or builder’s sand, as these undergo treatments based on their applications. 

Silica sand is unhealthy as it contains airborne chemicals that can leave gerbils with a host of health issues as soon as they inhale it. As gerbils tend to ingest the sand occasionally, you should be careful about the type of sand you use to fill the bathroom. Calcium sand is not recommended as it’s unhealthy for gerbil’s teeth. 

There are also dust packages marketed as sand in the market. Do not go for such products as dust can leave gerbils with respiratory issues. 

Only one inch of sand is required in the sand bath of a gerbil. Hence, chemically-processed, silica-based sands are not recommended. 

If you are new to raising gerbils, remember to cross-check the quality of sand and applicability to your gerbil with a vet. Not all sands in the market work as advertised! Hence, it’s good to clear your doubts. 

Is Dust Bath Good for Gerbil?

Dust baths and sand baths are used interchangeably, but dust baths are recommended for eliminating parasites, fungi, and bacteria from fur. A natural sand bath is recommended over a dust bath since the former is healthy while the latter can lead to skin and respiratory problems.

If you still prefer giving dust baths to gerbils, you can buy chinchilla dust from the pet store. This is ideally a pack of sand with the ability to remove grease, foul odor, and dust from a gerbil’s body. 

Should Gerbils Bathe in Sand or Dust?

Gerbils need sand baths and not dust baths. Dust baths are not advisable for rodents as they have tiny respiratory systems that are sensitive and cannot withstand the entry of external particles. A sand bath cleanses and rejuvenates the body entirely. 

Even if someone suggests you give a dust bath to your gerbil, do not forget to replace the term “dust” with “sand.” This is a rule of thumb when you think of bathing your gerbil. 

Fill the gerbil’s sand bathroom with one inch of sand and let him inside. Generally, gerbils automatically come out of the bathroom once they feel fresh and clean. Hence, they do not need continuous supervision. 

Final Thoughts

Sand baths are great ways to give gerbils a relaxing, satisfactory environment. If you have several rodents at home, you can purchase a sand bath and use it for all of them. 

We have used sand baths for gerbils and highly recommend them. While they appear to incur regular maintenance, the reality is different. Sand baths simplify the maintenance and are cost-effective. 

As soon as you set up a sand bath inside the cage, you can let the gerbil decide when he needs a bath. If you find your gerbil hesitating from taking a bath, you can guide him for a week or two. He would pick it up from there!

So, what’s the next plan? Go give your gerbil a sand bath this weekend! Let your gerbil dive into the world of sand baths and natural environments!